Admin Tools

These materials are designed for staff, site administrators, teachers, and district administrators. For user support on usernames, passwords, technical questions, and more, visit FAQs.

Admin Tools
Career Plan
How-to Guides
Admin Tools
Admin Manual (Junior) (High School) (Job Seeker)

In-depth guide of user and admin features.

Admin Tools

Quick start for portfolio administration, groups, reset passwords, and more. 

Create Accounts for Staff

Quick start to create staff accounts for administrative access. 

Create Batch Accounts for Users

Quick start to batch upload user portfolios.

Create Groups

Quick start for creating groups of users for portfolio administration and reporting.

Reporting and Data

Coming Soon

Reset Passwords

Reset password(s) for a user or group of users.

Transfer Portfolios

Quick start to transfer existing user profiles to another site. 

View and Print Portfolios

Search for individual user portfolios and view portfolio contents.

Career Plan

View activity options for Career Plan, requirements for activities, and sample layouts for plans. 

Career Plan Creator and Editor (Junior/High School) (College/Job Seeker)

Create and edit Career Plans to meet your school or site needs. 

Career Plan Reporting

How to use reporting dashboard for Career Plans.

Printable Activities (Junior) (High School)

Career Plan activities in a printable format.


Automatically roster your student lists between Clever and CIS 360 for seamless account maintenance.

Integrate Clever and CIS 360 to utilize Single Sign On.

Use Clever to create streamlined processes in CIS 360.

Peterson's Test Prep

Available to organizations with site administrative accounts are optional, fee-based, add-on test preparation packages including ACT, ASVAB, GED, SAT, and civil service tests. Leasing period for these packages is September 1 until August 31.

How-to Guides

Quick how-to guides are an easy way to help users with features like self-surveys and resumes.